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Red Brand

Red Brand Wire Products and Posts

Experienced farmers and fencing experts insist on Red Brand, whose quality becomes more apparent with each passing year. And, unlike many fences that lose tension and sag, Red Brand remains solid and taut, due to a special manufacturing process. Simply look for the red paint on top wires and barbs, your assurance of a solid fence for years to come.

Red Brand Galvanized Farm Fencing

20 Rod Field Fence 26" to 48" Height in all Popular Styles
80 Rod Barb Wire - 2 pt. and 4 pt. in the popular 12-1/2 gauge and also the popular 15-1/2 gauge Hi-Tensile 4 pt. Barb, Red Brand or Gaucho
Horse Fence, Small Animal Fence, Triple Galvanized Poultry Netting, Poultry Netting and Utility Fabric from 24" to 72" Wide - Specify Length
10# to 100# Coils of Galvanized Brace Wire
Annealed Wire
Staples and Accessories

Hi-Tensile Fencing Products

This unique fencing system is best used on long, level, straight runs for horse or stock cows. It utilizes Hart Brand Wood Posts and single strands of smooth 12 1/2 gauge triple galvanized wire which deliver over twice the tensile strength of normal barbed wire. Installation manual available.

12-1/2 gauge x 4000 ft. Hi-Tensile (200,000 psi) Fence Wire (Triple Galvanized)
First Quality Strainers, Crimping Sleeves, Insulators and Accessories

Red Brand Stockade Panels

Using superior Red Brand Panels, you may easily construct livestock confinement areas of maximum strength and durability. Panel features include a galvanized finish that resists rust and corrosion and superior welds with full 1/4" thick wires used throughout. Available in hog, ranch or cattle heights and wire spacing in 16’ lengths.