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Mississippi Valley Forest Products, Inc.

Our Quality Materials Do Make A Difference

Experienced fence builders will tell you that it simply doesn't pay to cut corners when it comes to fencing materials.

Using less than top quality products will not only cost you more when installing the fence, it will also cost more when you figure in the repair and replacement costs.

In order to construct fences and confinement areas that will withstand the test of time, begin with our brand name materials.  Red Brand Fencing and Panels combine with Hart Brand Posts and Braces to give you a fence you can be proud of.

Red Brand and Hart Brand

Red Brand has long held the reputation for being the most respected name in farm fencing. Hart Brand treated wood products are routinely inspected by an independent agency. They consistently meet or exceed quality of treatment standards BRAND set by the AWPA (American Wood Preservers Association).


Products represented by our company are made in the USA.

At Mississippi Valley Forest Products, Inc., we are a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of premium quality pressure treated wood and steel products for agricultural, roadway and commercial construction including the Hart Brand products.

All products of our own manufacture are marketed under the Hart Brand trademark.

In addition, we are a stocking distributor of Keystone Steel and Wire products (which are marketed under the Red Brand trademark), Chicago Heights Steel studded T-post, Kiwi high tensile fence accessories, and Bekaert wire fencing products, marketed under the Gaucho and Cattleman trademarks.

Hart Brand wood products include pressure-treated fence posts, small utility poles (non-class up to 35 feet), structural timbers, and guardrail and sign posts. The principal species of wood we offer is Southern Yellow Pine. We pressure treat with Copper Naphthenate in oil which is most suited to agricultural and commercial applications.

Hart Brand steel products include flanged steel fence corner braces (for both horizontal and diagonal installation), and flanged steel stockade posts.

Company Profile:

Mississippi Valley Forest Products, Inc. is headquartered in Dubuque, Iowa.

Forestry operations and primary wood processing take place throughout the Missouri Ozarks region.

Our secondary wood processing, steel fabrication and distribution all take place just across the Mississippi River from Dubuque in Dickeyville, Wisconsin.

We serve a variety of retail outlets throughout the entire mid-western region of the United States.

The photo shows a corner or gate post section using the easily installed, hi-tensile Hart Brand fence brace 8’ or 9’ diagonal style. It is also available in the horizontal style.