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Today, just about everything that can be ground-up, from used pallets to municipal waste, can be colored, mixed, and sold as mulch. Many of these products actually rob nutrients from the soil as they decompose, and who knows what chemicals and impurities they contain. These are the products you place around your home and plants, and we believe that you want to feel good about your mulch and where it comes from.

Our Organic Mulch

Hart Brand mulch is one of the finest organic products now available to assist homeowners, nurserymen, landscape, and lawn and garden professionals.

Hart Brand does double duty. The pine bark component (commonly used in potting soil mix) sifts down into the soil where it helps reduce compaction and adds nutrient content. The pine wood shaving component stays on top to provide an attractive insulating and moisture-retaining layer that meshes to help minimize “wash-away” in heavy rains.

Hart Brand Mulch provides the quality that an environmentally conscious consumer will appreciate.

Our Source

Hart Brand Mulch is produced by Mississippi Valley Forest Products, Inc., a Midwestern company. You may be pleased to know that we take environmental stewardship seriously by selectively thinning the trees from which we make our products, and by planting tens of thousands of pine seedling each year to replenish what we have used.

If you are thinking about mulch products, think about our environment and consider the health of your plants and the soil in which they grow. Hart Brand Pine Bark Mulch and Soil Conditioner is a product you can feel good about and we invite you to try it.

How Many Bags Do You Need?

Applied 3 inches deep, 1 bag will cover approximately 8 square feet.


_________ feet wide X

_________ feet long =

_________ square feet / 8 =

_________ number of bags needed