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Very Popular Barbed Wire Styles

  • Gaucho® 15.5g Barbed Wire
  • Cattleman® 14g Barbed Wire
  • Bekaert ZA 14ga Durable Zinc-Aluminum Coating at Special Pricing


  • Solidlock® 12.5g
  • Bekaert ZA 14ga High Tensile
  • Exclusion 14g Fixed Knot

  • Gaucho® High Tensile Field Fence
  • Low Carbon Field Fence

  • Bekaert Smooth Wire

NON Climb
  • Horseman®
  • Bekaert ZA High Strength Horse Fence

  • Solidlock®
  • Gaucho®
  • Horseman®

  • Accessories

About Gaucho® 15.5g Barbed Wire

Are you looking for a barbed wire that's as strong as 12.5 gauge low carbon - but is lightweight, lasts longer, and requires less maintenance? And is also less expensive?

Find what you're looking for with Gaucho® 15.5g Barbed Wire.

Gaucho® is made of high tensile steel wire. This means we can use a smaller diameter wire while maintaining the same strength as conventional barbed wire.

Our reverse twist design reduces sagging, eliminates the need for pre-stretching, and allows for increased post spacing, all of which will save you time, money, and maintenance headaches.

And Gaucho® products come with Class 3 (heavy coat) galvanized. Class 3 is proven to last 2 to 3 times longer than Class 1.

Gaucho® Barbed Wire is available in a green ZA + Paint finish.

About Cattleman® 14g Barbed Wire

Are you looking for the strongest barbed wire you can buy?

You just found it.

Cattleman® Barbed Wire is perfect for your most demanding fence jobs. It's 30% stronger than 12.5 gauge low carbon and 15.5 gauge high tensile. And Cattleman® gives you all the benefits you'd expect from a Bekaert fencing product - easier installation, increased post spacing, less maintenance, and long life.

Cattleman® is Class 3 (heavy coat) Galvanized. This means it will last two to three times longer than 12.5 gauge low carbon fence.

You can also choose Cattleman® with ZA + Paint advanced coating.